Movie theater seating design how to conform to the best of human body structure?

by:OUHE     2020-06-16
Movie theater seating design is in line with the best body structure detail introduction: vision height: close your eyes, and then gradually opened his eyes, vision about fall in the center of the computer monitor. If display bearing too high or too low, then it needs to do the corresponding adjustment to cut the neck muscle strain. Back: don't feel tired huddled in the auditorium chair, it will aggravate the anchor and the intervertebral disc pressure rating. Hip to the back of the chair, best put a cushion for leaning on can let back slightly twists and turns, in the tired, the body will not be huddled, can will be back for reduced to a minimum. Calf: in the buttocks against the chair back, can try clenched fist through the back of the calf and the space between henan auditorium chair front end. If it is not easy to do, so the chair is too deep, demand of chair back of a chair close, pad may change a cushion for leaning on a chair. Thigh: check and make sure we can finger at the bottom of the thigh, chair of the front sliding. If the space is too tight, the demand and a tones the shelf feet high thigh. If in between your thighs and auditorium chair front one refers to the width, then promoted the height of the chair. Under the premise of elbow: sit in comfortable, close as possible to the elbows off the table, to ensure that the upper arm parallel to the spine, put your hands on the workbench appearance ( Such as a laptop or on the keyboard) , adjust up and down in henan auditorium chair height, to ensure that the elbow is right Angle. Together, to adjust the height of the armrest made upper arm just slightly in the arm. The design of how to conform to the best of human body structure?
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