Notes on the office sofa maintenance types of office furniture

by:OUHE     2021-02-03
1, office sofa to be placed flat, away from the fire and flammable items, ban jump table to avoid cannot recover. 2 to regularly clean, office sofa, generally every half an year is clean the fabric, there are stains with low solubility of soap water scrubbing and then washed with clear water. 3 don't place the heavy goods, office sofa, in order to avoid damage to the spring and fabrics. 4, avoid when handling drag pull by chengdu office furniture, should put a light to carry light, smooth, when you place the ground uneven and padded to sofa legs, in case of damage to the mortise. 5, it is prohibited to use sharp, barbed, hook, such as object contact office sofa, don't allow pets on the sofa to play, so it is easy to damage the fabric. 6, don't take office sofa in the sun insolates, forbid office sofa placed too dry or wet, in case of wood cracking deformation nanjing office furniture or expansion deformation decomposition. The purposes, in accordance with the internal office furniture can be divided into & ndash; — Sit, station, partition, ark, class, class. Take classes include chair, sofa, chair. A class contains a table, tea table, conference table, etc. Ark class includes filing cabinet, drawer, etc. Partition class are generally refers to the office screen. Many for keyboard tray etc. Frame type steel feet, steel etc. According to the origin of the zhejiang office furniture manufacturing office furniture material, can be divided into & ndash; — Natural and artificial synthetic, mixed classes. Pure natural classes generally refers to using natural office furniture made of wood, one of the most famous is the annatto furniture. Artificial composite includes plywood, steel, glass, plastic, soft mat, etc. Mixed type of the most widely, here no longer, for example. According to the modelling of office furniture, can divide zhengzhou office furniture for & ndash; — Plate, plug type, folding, scaffolding, combination, etc. According to the degree of hardness and softness of office furniture, divided into & ndash; — The hard furniture, upholstered furniture. One desk cabinet furniture furniture must be hard, soft mat classes are generally cane soft mat, network system, sofa, chair and so on. Background class according to the use of office furniture, from top to bottom is divided into & ndash; — President of the top management of office furniture, office furniture, staff office furniture. According to the style of office furniture, divided into & ndash; — Traditional and modern two kinds of office furniture. Henan ou feng furniture is the focus of modern office furniture design and manufacturing. According to the use of office furniture situation, divided into & ndash; — Office furniture, study ( In ancient times had a habit in the study of office) Type, half open office, reading room, the sitting room, auditorium, classrooms, laboratories, meeting rooms, etc. The modern office furniture
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