Office reception sofa - Office - cloth art sofa Office furniture factory - Office sofa USES maintenance and matters needing attention

by:OUHE     2021-02-03
Leather sofa cloth art sofa, the sofa is now one of our daily life indispensable furniture, office furniture also has a certain demand. Whether you are in discussions with staff things or to the customer a temporary rest, then have a comfortable sofa in the office is essential. Heshan office furniture factory, office sofa also have this several kinds of classification: genuine leather, imitation leather and cloth art. According to the functional purpose to points, can also be divided into business sofa, leisure sofa, special-shaped sofa, etc. Heshan office furniture factory, office sofa use maintenance and matters needing attention. Office sofa in daily use, there will be dust soot formation, generally need to use a vacuum cleaner for vacuuming the edge sag. At the time of everyday use, must remember to clean on a regular basis. In general cleaning for every six months on a fabric is clear, if sofa surface with besmirch, you need to cooperate with using low solubility of soap and water, to wash clean with clear water after wiping. The location of office sofa also has exquisite, hard to avoid in the pull hard, pay attention to light up light, placed in a smooth surface. Away from fire and flammable liquids and banned jump table to avoid can't recover. If you need can cushion MATS. Avoid placing heavy items, office sofa surface so as to avoid damage to the spring and fabrics.
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