Office sofa cleaning and maintenance

by:OUHE     2021-02-03
Good or bad about the office environment should be so many working people attaches great importance to the link. After all, the modern people spend most of their time is spent in the office. So in some office furniture for use for a long time the damage will also increase operating costs. Small make up today to bring us office furniture office sofa cleaning and maintenance of the maintenance method of coup.
cloth art class office sofa cleaning methods:
we could use a sponge dab a suitable amount of detergent, using powerful suction function of sponge, back and forth on the office sofa cloth to wipe, sponge and cloth art sofa office friction produce electrostatic, can absorb the dust go office sofa.
not to unpick and wash cloth art sofa, office when cleaning according to different materials, so as not to cause fade and shrink.
for special besmirch, do not use detergent to wash, to use professional targeted cleaning fluid to scrub.
office sofa maintenance methods:
on a regular basis to vacuuming the office sofa, best treatment once a week. With a towel feather duster, remove the dust on the surface of the office sofa, then use towel to wipe the gaps between the sofa armrest, back of a chair. Attention not to brush the surface of sofa, office sofa so as not to damage the surface.
manager not easily move office sofa, moves up, best can't drag force, office sofa legs are easy to damage.
that's small make up to bring the office sofa cleaning and maintenance methods. Attention to the maintenance of office furniture and maintenance can prolong the service life of office furniture. In addition if have a need to buy office sofa, please contact us. Seastar furniture manufacturing co. , LTD. To provide professional service for you.
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