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by:OUHE     2021-02-03
People in long-term social experience of color in the understanding and experience. Red, orange, light yellow make people think of the sun and fire and feel warm, blue, white, green, violet makes people think of to feel the cold wind and snow, water, and mountains; High degree and warm just like the lights decayed makes a person feel intimate contact. And low color and cool color to move mountains like a let a person feel long; High color saturation and in colors like petals feel soft; Low color saturation and dark, make a person feel heavy like soil. Besides warm color to move with expand feeling and cool, and cool color attune is tucked feeling kuqa feeling. Office furniture company with excellent working environment color can give a person with artistic beauty color natural environment and tianjin office furniture poetic atmosphere. Warm color department to make people happy; Red, black, golden show splendor in modesty; Blue, green and ivory make people think of the blue sky white clouds, clouds, mountains, give a person with peace and quiet, crafted and relaxed atmosphere; Yellow pornography is added in the cool color department is like emerald old wild small given a piece of orange oil, flowers, very youthful charm, full of lively spring breath; M grey, violet ash, pewter and other various to change a harmony between the dark grey color gives a person with comfortable and elegant, quiet, harmonious atmosphere; And ginger, red soil, soil of green, super stone, give a person with simple composed of thought; With large-scale adjacent colour theme. To pursue perfect irritating and unrest. In addition to bring people of taiyuan office furniture to clear. A common technique is combined closely with the large-scale blending and key comparison, draw the dragon point fine effects can be achieved. A, corporate design and office furniture design style closely with each company has its own peculiar office core idea, with main highlight out will be in the office is decorated, in the case of purchase of office furniture, must be the fusion of two kinds of design style, will be highlighted the company's brand image. Second, pay attention to the specifications and quality of office furniture and office furniture should choose large and medium-sized room furniture, small and large and medium-sized office furniture and interior space looks congestion will make interior space. In general, with a minimum of 800 mm, guangzhou office furniture corridor worker displays 1200 mm high, high screen for 1600 mm to 1800 mm, two layer height is 700 mm, the receptionist surface height is 750 ~ 1500 mm, the desktop height is 750 mm, assembly and the table 750 mm high, leisure table of 450 mm high. Metal file cabinet 1800 mm to 2000 mm high. Three, have detailed CAD design if custom office furniture, you need to first look at the detailed CAD design renderings, CAD design rendering should be closely integrated with the plane of the rendering company office, can in the case of purchase of office furniture, to see whether effective supplement, whether accord with the requirement of the real. Four, manufacturers after-sales service to ensure good buy office furniture, just like in the selected services, if it is a large number of purchase, to grasp the condition of office furniture manufacturer, to prevent harm to the middle office furniture service project. More than five, office furniture in essence no office furniture company don't have many goods, not to mention packed thick all the furniture in the office, so apart from the necessary office furniture, decorative arts, or else versatility is not strong in the office furniture goods can save as much as possible. On the one hand can reduce business spending, on the other hand can save company office interior space.
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