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OUHE furniture supplies waiting chairs to the high-speed railway station

OUHE furniture supplies waiting chairs to the high-speed railway station

After six years of hard work, more and more government units know about our factory.Through the understanding of our factory,the purchasing units of municipal engineering will contact us by telephone or email or others.Because our factory has own developmental complete production line which include product design mould development and product package, and we also has automatic robots which can be uninterrupted working 24 hours so that it can immensely increase capacity.

One of the domestic municipal projects needs to purchase waiting chairs and place them in the waiting area of the high-speed railway station, so they consulted our products and prices.

In early July, this purchasing unit of waiting chair sends us the product description they require and ask our advice.After short negotiation about the dimension and the price of product, they  quickly place the order,firstly because they know our experience ,cases,technology,equipment, material,service very well before they come,secondly the time is very short because they need to place waiting chair before opening the high-speed railway station which has been arranged to be opened in the middle of August. The customer knows that the production capacity of our factory is the highest in the market and all our process is completed in the factory so that the quality is controlled by well of us.

Thanks for the high-speed railway station’s trust, and as expected, this order quickly completed in 10days.After the quality testing by purchasing unit, we deliver the goods to the high-speed railway station directly.In several days, the high-speed railway install the waiting chairs and ask for our help when they encounter product installation problems.The purchasing unit is very satisfied with our products after testing them .

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