Outdoor waiting chair three maintenance method

by:OUHE     2020-07-04
Installed in outdoor, outdoor waiting chair for a long time been weathered erosion, so the maintenance is very important, if not artificial maintenance, damage is very fast. 1, do outdoor waiting chair maintenance, waiting for the material if it is a wooden chair, must regularly by moth-proofing sprays on the seat. Prevention, beetles, moths, also can put some Chinese prickly ash, prevent rat damage waiting chair. 2, outdoor waiting chair, in the center of the place to choose the right place is smooth, the maximum guarantee the safety of the seat, and to avoid damage the structure of the waiting chair, waiting chair is commonly rely on welding and bolt connection, if used in the condition of without swaying, long-term will make loose fasteners, unsafe, leads to local cracking, at the same time, it will affect the service life of waiting chair. So, if the ground not level off, make sure you will be under the furniture legs and padded, special is placed stainless steel waiting chair, more demand for furniture legs stress smoothly, otherwise not only affects the comfort of the chair, also can damage the chair. 3, regular cleaning and maintenance, in everyday use, should often clean dust and stains, keep waiting chair clean. To try to use is not easy to clean soft cotton cloth of hair removal, and must be confirmed as clean soft cotton cloth with no foreign body, such as using too hard, try or coarse cloth or cotton cloth to wipe, will wear away waiting chair paint, lost luster. Other absolutely don't use hot water, alkaline scouring outdoor furniture such as perhaps disinfectant, that will destroy waiting chair appearance of paint. If be used furniture wax protection, wax when the choose and buy, had better choose high concentration solid wax, it can fill up the small defects on the outdoor waiting chair. In addition, the spray wax is also a good choice. But don't use both, or you will make a trance waiting chair appearance, no longer shiny.
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