Paper art, the difference between the cloth art sofa and office space of the plants

by:OUHE     2021-02-03
In office sofa production sales soared, and design also presents the situation of flowers, various enterprises adjust measures to local conditions, from different age groups, different social classes, different geographical differences, developed a perfect market needed product. Skin with thin skin, office sofa products in thick skin, thick skin to distinguish the different design guiding ideology, to produce the thin skin thick skin in high quality office furniture, leisure paragraph thick xi 'an office furniture leather rare performance dignified temperament, each type split in the market. Office and cloth art sofa in recent years because of fabric overall localization, make originally extremely expensive cloth art products are entered into the living in the life of ordinary people, became very popular. Office sofa cloth art design in accordance with the fabric style from countries of different cultural background can be roughly divided into: Italy contracted fashion type, American type wide massiness, Spain's Beijing office furniture color gorgeous type, Germany leisure light type, northern plain and concise style, etc. Absorb foreign concept also integrated into the traditional and modern furniture and modern European and American design at an organic whole, to create the Chinese national characteristics have office sofa design. The subject of home series design has a very traditional Chinese, brunet woodiness part school of Confucianism. Extremely rich individual character colour lets a person double sent the modern trend of the modern former wuhan office furniture who most avant-garde fashion sense, like a gens flowers, all want to decorate office space. Watch the domestic office sofa products design, although not too unique individual character, but, after all, it is just getting started. We believe that with the continuous improvement of people's living standard and household aesthetic, there will be a rich national characteristics of the product. Bonsai generally can be divided into two categories, stump potted plants and landscape bonsai, the bonsai hangzhou office furniture can give a person the sense with delicate, slim, precious, can generally be placed in the rack, table, desk, cabinet, tea table, suitable for people to watch and compelling. Pay attention to the size of the bonsai to in harmony with the surrounding environment, space, the proportion of. Potted flowers to put more attention should be paid to in the office and other office furniture and other furnishings, such as potted bracketplant but on the scaffolding of office furniture is higher, or thread will big flower pot hung, hang at the window, the modelling of its drooping branches and dainty, adjustable office furniture drab feeling of vertical and horizontal line; Cycas and bamboo of curvature of the leaf is larger, adornment sex is strong, its shape and color with indoor and other artifacts, in sharp contrast, show great vitality. There are such as direction lotus & lsquo; Epiphyllum, celestial being when not in flower than other potted s-curve much appearance, but on the windowsill, but it can add a distance open. Shenzhen office furniture
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