Primary school desks and chairs are highly indicators?

by:OUHE     2020-07-07
Primary school desks and chairs height indicators unqualified has become a major factor which causes pupil higher incidence of myopia. Nanchang a primary school lower grade students, according to a study using the desks and chairs, most do not conform to the relevant state desks and health standard. School desks and chairs the health state standard published in 1988 by the ministry of health, identified 9 class students use different height of desk and chair height standard. Students, for example, between 143 and 157 cm tall, to use the desk height should be 67 centimeters, the table empty area be 55 cm, height of chair surface height should be 38 cm. According to the regulation, primary and secondary schools to use to the desks and chairs can be optional, but must meet the national standard requirements. But the survey found that the primary use of most ordinary wooden desks and chairs are not up to the standard. A primary school for a freshman to be equipped with high 67 primary school desks and chairs. 5 cm, the table empty area high 46. 5 cm, high chair, 34. 5 cm. Preventive medicine association children's health professional committee Chen Xian explained that the collocation of this kind of desk and chair height belongs to low high desks and chairs, easily to pupil distance with the eye is not enough, is likely to lead to students for super close to develop with the eye myopic eye disease. Long-term too close with the eye is one of the key reasons for our students high myopic eye disease, and too close with the eye and height of students in the school desks and chairs collocation not is directly related to science. Experts to remind the school and parents must let children use meet the national standards of desks and chairs to read and write.
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