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Pure solid wood furniture craze will split?

by:OUHE     2021-02-03
Pure solid wood furniture in use after a period of time, may occur for different reasons of cracking phenomenon. Whatever timber trees, as long as in the use process of maintenance shall not when, is likely to appear the phenomenon of cracking, just different severity. So, some people will doubt, if the wood craze, would have been torn down?
in fact, as the furniture industry for technology requirements more stringent, the industry competition also let many skilled manufacturers about their craft and innovation are increasingly stringent requirements, quality control will be after the screening, including the selection of the material selection, processing machine, the requirement of processing technology and so on, different furniture every step need to do it. Therefore, pure solid wood furniture cracking situation is also in slowly decrease.

solid wood furniture,

as we all know, wood cracking because of its moisture content. Because there are some small mill for wood drying process is not in place, there is no good to control the moisture content of lumber, will increase the furniture in the process of using or storing cracking.
so pure real wood of what would crack to crack? Will split in two? Actually about the extent of the pure solid wood furniture cracking, this has a lot to do with time, and the means of processing.
pure solid wood furniture in the process of use, to nursing service in a timely manner. If furniture already cracking happened also don't be nervous, you can contact a professional repair personnel to repair work, furniture repair process is mainly caulking, glue and grinding. As long as to the position of the cracking process in place and properly, the follow-up to continue cracking probability will be very few.
but, if the crack position without timely and effective treatment, so the location of the crack will probably continue to crack down the wood grain, always to the edge, so, the furniture and furniture or recommend once found a crack, must be repaired in a timely manner, and don't see just a small crack think it do not matter oh!

pure solid wood furniture,

in addition, the pure solid wood furniture cracking and daily maintenance also has a lot to do, be careful not to let furniture, direct contact with the sun insolates, strong sunshine ultraviolet ray can make the paint is easy to fade, accelerate ageing, but also accelerate the cracking of wood. If heating or open central heating in the home, want to let the pure solid wood furniture and heating position farther apart, and keep the indoor temperature and humidity.

these are cracking down on pure real wood craze will answer the question, the hope can help you!
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