PVC airport chair will be production?

by:OUHE     2020-05-30
Have regular, the strength of the airport chair manufacturers will not use PVC as the material, can only use the PU material as the airport chair. PVC is a PVC, smelly commonly, prices are low. Most used in rubber, foam board, floor, plastic bags, etc. , it is the appearance of the diversity, according to statistics, in Germany, 40% of the furniture industry are made of PVC material for surface, to see some natural color, the color gorgeous, rich variety, design, style and elegant and beautiful high-grade desk, bookcase, sofa, hutch ark, who also won't put them and street devastated & other; White trash & throughout; Lenovo together, can't even think of it is PVC blister film give them such beautiful coat. PVC shortcomings: 1, hard ware impact resistant performance is poor, too brittle; 2, hard ware of filler is too much, too much calcium powder; 3, hard ware ageing resistance performance is poor, not durable, it won't be long before it broke; 4, hard products no guarantee of environmental protection and safety; 5, soft products is not soft, especially in the winter is not soft, winter summer hardness change is too big; 6, soft ware surface of oil, or local temperature difference is big, very sticky stuff; And so on many issues
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