Remove the rusty spot of airport chair five methods

by:OUHE     2020-06-28
Remove the rusty spot of airport chair five methods of 1, toothpaste: ancient method is to use toothpaste, actually is also quite good, the price is not expensive, but if encountered stubborn are difficult to remove rust stains. 2, clean lavatory spirit: this will be a little bit better than the toothpaste, the main is don't need to spend so much effort to wipe clean can. Lavatory spirit mostly because partial acid, so rust removal will be easier to clean lavatory spirit price is very cheap! 3, carburetor cleaner: I heard that this stuff is everything, no matter what oil glue stains can in addition to it, but don't feel zha drops according to my experience, estimation is viscosity of carburetor cleaner is not good, cause it's hard to hang in the chromium plating, so it is difficult to remove rust. It also has a drawback, that is, corrosion resistance is too strong, so use it every time you don't spray the paint on the side of the, or you regret it. 4, polishing paste, polishing paste may be I said a few the most useful in the material, the price relative to other price is a little high, heard that is made in Germany, don't understand is, seemingly less physical stores to buy anyway. But I don't care where it is, the better is the key for me, personal experiences in the polishing paste cleaning effect is good, the building Lord you can give it a try. 5、WD - 40 universal rust remover: in fact the so-called universal rust remover is very man feel the effect is not so good, because its effect is not so good as it is an advertisement said, what have the affinity of the metal surface and the permeability is strong, can form a protective film to moisture and air. But may in fact this is our misunderstanding of it, because actually form a protective film according to its function in terms of its function mainly is rust, not rust. It's result is bad and one reason is that chromium plating is plastic not metal at all, it is useless in the right place can also good to which go to?
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