Rotary day and night, always have a public seat with you every journey!

by:OUHE     2020-06-29
Leave high to go at the end of 2019, there is a low film has become a dark horse in the theaters cinemas that year. It is understood that the film release only one week, gained more than 600 million at the box office. Movie plot is compact, clues to ambush, strong atmosphere, as a commercial movie, it is quite successful. The story, the most main is to interpret & other; Original family & throughout; The idea, however & other; Original family & throughout; Are words and publicized by the society in recent years, put on the problems of Chinese family education social discussion of the round table. In the process of the growth of children, & other; Company & throughout; Is particularly important. Company, as a fundamental need for children to grow up, it is transmitted to children & other Love & throughout; 、“ Security & throughout; , which is an important basis of cultivation of healthy personality. Let children feel the love, understand love, so as to become a man of love. However, except children, I believe, now most people need to love and be loved, need to accompany with a sense of security. Because of a sense of companionship behind deep & other; Humanistic care & throughout; , public seats designers will & other; Humanities & throughout; The heart of the meticulously casting into public seating. To solve the problem of public seating safety performance, the designers joined the humanistic consideration, during development in public seat increase details, to create a safe and more perfect sit feeling experience, constructs a hierarchical full texture space. Public seat know & other; Company & throughout; In the meaning of life, so has been unremittingly in innovation in the field of agriculture, only to have been to & other; Escorts & throughout; Identity to accompany people through the long journey of life, the cycle of day and night, one starting point of the journey to the end of the next stop, always have a public seat for your care, protect, accompany, witness people each step of the footprints life.
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