Runs through the classification of what?

by:OUHE     2020-06-30
A, according to the seating structure is divided into: 1, the integral seat: seat, seat surface processing as a whole to shape. 2, modular seats: seat, seat surface separation, combination structure. 3, movable seat: auditorium seating, theater seating, seating, school are plate pants activities. Second, according to the activity can be divided into: 1, the stationary seat: the location of the seats are fixed. 2, movable seat: the seat can be left and right sides, back and forth motion. Three, according to the skeleton, bearing and other components and materials are divided into: 1, the structure of the metal seat; 2, the structure of the plastic seat; 3, wooden seats; 4 seats, hybrid structure. Four, according to the use place can be divided into: 1, public seating, is in a public place, Such as: the airport chair, airport waiting chair, runs through the station, the station waiting chair, bank waiting chair, etc. ) Using chairs, common design manufacturers choose connected, rows put.
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