Seat should be how to maintain daily airport?

by:OUHE     2020-06-28
Daily maintenance method of airport chair: 1, the dust with a soft dry towel to sofa, can make sofa maintain perfect state. 2, in order to carry on the more thorough cleaning, we can dip in with soft cloth distilled water or leather special cleaner undertakes cleanness. 3, don't rub the dermis, and to ensure that its natural drying, don't put them under direct exposure to the sun and heat source. 4, please pay attention to product contact with water and cleaning products may lose leather processing layer on the surface of the uniform and resistance to wear, leather on the surface of the loss. Therefore, avoid too deep clean frequently. 5, we strongly recommend that do not use butter, chemical solution and alcohol products to clean the sofa. 6, don't let the dirt accumulation published sand surface, in a timely manner the surface clean.
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