Seating case - at the station Congratulation state high MTR station in guangxi

by:OUHE     2020-06-09
After upgrading of guangxi congratulation state in December 2018, it has begun to use high-speed runs through from the overall transformation to the detail, waiting hall renovation, etc. As of December 2018, congratulation state stands a total construction area of 2. 30000 square meters; At the 1st and 2nd floors altogether set up artificial ticket Windows at 12 and 24, automatic ticket Windows, elevator escalator 5 department 2. Greatly improve the transportation capacity of congratulation state surrounding, attract a large number of businessmen, tourists and business. Choice of Macao ShuJian upgrading times of seating, is affirmation and recognition of Macao ShuJian products. Look at the below of guangxi congratulation state of high-speed runs through image:
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