Seating case - at the station Yangquan north station

by:OUHE     2020-06-09
Station is famous four big famous north, do you know what? Generation refers to & other; Yangquan throughout north station &; ,“ Panjin north station & throughout; ,“ Xiaogan throughout north station &; ,“ Shaoyang throughout north station &; Because off of each other in the centre of the city is far away, and the north yangquan station waiting for seating option in the middle of the upgrade is Macao ShuJian seating, yangquan station for passenger special line and east the important station of yangquan, stone too passenger station: area of 10000 square meters, yangquan eastern station: area of 7000 square meters. To meet the demand of yangquan north station passenger flow, visitors will be comfortable waiting area, the selection of products is our SJ912A: armrest, feet and legs: aluminum alloy materials, large precision casting molds, die-casting molding directly after polishing, electrostatic powder spraying process. Plate: imported cold plate, derusting processing, electrostatic powder spraying. At the bottom of the beam, steel pipe, air-conditioning outdoor painting powder, can withstand the test of the wind, rain and sunshine. Block: ABS engineering plastic mold injection molding. Optional accessories: armrest; Her feet; Tea table, Including tea table plate bracket) 。
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