Seating case introduction - at the airport Chongqing jiangbei airport

by:OUHE     2020-06-27
Chongqing airport beijiang river why choose this one airport waiting chair? Except for its appearance, but also because of its style, not only did not lower the grade of the airport, instead more promotes the positioning of the airport. As one of the eight regional hub airport of China, chongqing jiangbei international airport is a 4 f civil international airport. Therefore, as the waiting chair inside the T3 terminal building, also nots allow to ignore its important. In addition to being able to bring the favour of the passengers, but also give a bit for the society, help to build a civilized society. In caring for people with disabilities has also set up a 'dedicated' disabled seat, hoping to help the disabled, also want you to play a roll in the care for vulnerable groups oh ~
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