Seating hardware fittings should be how to maintain?

by:OUHE     2020-07-01
Seating on often have hardware accessories to do protection, modify or seating hardware accessories is also very important to maintain at the same time, in a seating with hardware fittings not maintain good will affect the overall seating design and practical properties, hardware accessories and maintenance is relatively simple, but can not be ignored. Seating class lock hardware maintenance: seating configuration lock is very normal now, but if the lock damaged reinstall or more or less will bring inevitable secondary damage to seating. 1, some collectors and zinc alloy lock in use after a long time there will be some & other; Stripes & throughout; These markings because air oxidation, as long as the regular under surface spray wax takes care. 2, lock the keyhole using long time would be a key card case, this kind of situation is mainly due to internal lubricant used has been completed, and this time the main graphite powder or some pencil powder into the keyhole. 3, lock should pay attention to waterproof, time grew to lock the spring inside will rust. After 4, key lock, need to pay attention to lock need to go back to in situ in out.
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