Seating how to install?

by:OUHE     2020-07-01
Believe many seating of the consumer is no stranger to installation, each seating installation method has a different place, but so long as has the installation drawing is easy to operate. Common accessories: hexagon screws, nuts, hex key, washer, stand feet, legs, etc. 1, the simplest seating installation is no back of a chair of seating, it is only one plate, first stand feet with screws installed on the beam, and then in the slabs should be installed in the position of the beam. 2, common installation, seat back mono-assembly of seating, the station first foot handrail with screw fastening in accordance with the specification, then a integrated seat back corresponding installed in a reasonable position. 3, seat back, or to add leather cushion, and a integrated sense, actually just plate are to be packed separately, operation is relatively simple. 4, the installation of complex, conjoined seating, the seating of the installation is relatively complex, master is manufacturer to provide best teaching, or install video explanation in detail, mainly because the seat back is close to connect directly. So the installation is very big. Relevant design should be how to install, or contact seating manufacturers provide help more appropriate.
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