Seating in the evolution of tradition and now what's the difference?

by:OUHE     2020-07-02
Both traditional and modern, seating as a monomer, it embodies a kind of JieGouMei, material beauty, physical beauty. When a chair, in an environment so it should be in harmony with the environment, rather than relying on. Chairman in the environment should be a symbol, a cell, not optional. It is for the need of environment, it should be the existence of life, happy, play environment. Runs through the change of the design: seating are basically two forms of benches and chairs. Like the ancient corridor, pavilion, etc. , started to build at the edge of the corridor, part of the purpose for the construction of more. Not only can sit, lie down. Also for the people to play chess and so on. This is a movable plate surface, emphasized in the horizontal plane shape, depressive feeling changed the direction of the sat, when the people sitting on a bench together visually impaired. Their mental state is not the same. From the ancient utensils, & other; Block & throughout; The main purpose of this kind of single function, connect to the back and armrest. One, two, three, four, five people. Single seat of the chair, in parks, squares and other places. Rest place, as a group of character, its configuration space, in order to keep the space bar and based on the concentric circles and other geometric shapes. Even if the seat, usually for 3 people, it's 180 cm length is appropriate, usually installed in the plant unit and green walls, green and so on, the integration of retaining wall. Because of their short rest stop casual and comfortable, the importance of the more urgent, and therefore should be pay more attention to. In general, even if asked for, but only in the external conditions are right, people will find a place to sit, in order to determine the position of the seat, stay in Hong Kong more than sure stop position listen too much.
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