Seating in the production of scrap steel plate extrusion when how should handle?

by:OUHE     2020-07-01
When in the production of seating on the steel plate on the scrap generated during the extrusion, extrusion is the purpose of: part one, squeezing the metal residue inside the container and do not delivery, usually over the divided into extrusion scrap or pressure. Main purpose, one is squeezed to form this part of the compression end metal reserves as geometric waste elimination in the container, thus saving the extrusion energy, working hours and the subsequent human consumption, to ensure product quality, the second is to make the dummy block and mold protect extrusion tool without contact. Second, the size of the residual material varies according to the extrusion method and technological conditions, are squeezing longer than backward extrusion residual material, lubricated extrusion ratio, lubricating extrusion length; Longer than hard alloy scrap, soft alloy extrusion cylinder diameter larger than the diameter of a container little longer, and so on. Three, extrusion to save time and energy in the factory, often with increasing residual material extrusion process.
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