Seating maintenance method of automatic welding robots is what?

by:OUHE     2020-07-03
Seating automatic welding robots AII - over-the-counter (OTC) robot V6是日常保养:1、检查设备的外表有没有灰尘附着2、外部电缆磨损压损各接头是否固定良好有无松动3、冷却风扇是否正常工作4、各操作按钮支动作是否正常5、机器人动作是否正常三个月保养包括日常保养1、各接线端子是否固定良好2、机器人本体的底座是否固定良好3、内部有灰尘的清扫一年保养包括日常三个月保养1、检查控制箱内部各基板接头有无松动2、内部各线有无异常情况( If break any dust each contact) 3, check the wiring in the body break line 4, the robot's battery voltage is normal, Normal is 3. 6V) 5, the axis robot motor brake is normal light 6, 5 axis belt tightness is normal 7, 4, 5, 6 shaft reducer refueling robot for 8, the voltage of each equipment is normal maintenance (three years Including daily a year three months) 1, 1, 2, 3 shaft speed reducer to replace oil ( Robot for oil) 2, the main battery replacement ( Robot battery)
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