Seating more than a leather cushion

by:OUHE     2020-07-02
Seating people plus the size of the leather cushion, material are introduced: 1. Seating people who usually refers to: three, four, five, six people a row, most seating, airport chair manufacturer will produce bigger of the three people demand a row. Common people have a seating unit size: a person who: 865 mm * 730 mm * 590 mm: two 865 mm * 730 mm * 1180 mm 3 people: 865 mm * 730 mm * 1760 mm: for four runs through 865 mm * 730 mm * 2330 mm, can choose the airport chair leather cushion: PU, high-density super soft PU solid foam molding, cold high quality sponge, leather, XiPi veneer, cowhide, etc. Seating, airport chair leather cushion should be according to your choice of material and adding the price. Will be in the 60 - common manufacturer - - - - - - RMB 300 / person, specific price according to the actual situation, please contact the manufacturer.
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