Seating of the steel plate in the production process need what is the cause of the flash?

by:OUHE     2020-06-30
Some manufacturer in seating will be used in the process of production of single shaft driving roll cutting type after bilateral camber of sheet steel appear & other; Flash & throughout; 。 1, either happened in the process of ship plate steel plate displacement deviation theory trajectory, is often said that the steel plate & other; Running deviation & throughout; ; 2, either side of fixed and mobile side blade itself has a problem. Therefore only eliminates the influence steel sheet & other; Running deviation & throughout; The factors and the fixed side and mobile side blade itself, to eliminate the thin steel plate after cutting & other Flash & throughout; , to ensure the quality of steel plate cutting edges. But different manufacturer for steel plate processing way is different, this is just from the part on the market for steel plate processing method, the specific need your advice corresponding factory directly is better.
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