Seating of the steel plate when extrusion to what was the reason for the crack?

by:OUHE     2020-06-30
Seating of the causes of cracks in the steel sheet extrusion, extrusion crack is a common waste products in extrusion, often appear especially in hard alloy, the crack should be absolutely prohibited. Its are main the feature is crack appeared in cycles, go deep into the metal, serious damage to the metal continuity. Its formation is due to friction, due to the uneven deformation of metal, make the surface of the metal with gallas stress, when the tensile stress accumulated to more than metal breaking strength is the crack. At high temperature metal, reduced ability to resist damage deformation speed with gallas stress increases, so under the condition of high temperature and high speed increase crack tendency. The technological conditions of extrusion cracks is: 1, improper temperature speed control, temperature is high, too fast; 2, speed control system failure; 3, transformation alloy without timely adjusting the extrusion speed; No 4, extrusion to stuffy car, forcing the adjust speed; 5, extrusion to late, temperature rise and slow down enough; 6, the furnace temperature control disorders, metal actual temperature is too high; 7, unreasonable process with rounded corners, and too small;
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