Seating procurement should be how to operate?

by:OUHE     2020-06-30
Seating procurement can be divided into: 1, the purchase way: store purchase, online procurement, factory direct supply, etc. : (2, procurement process 1) Mall site to buy, that is, in some stores, see the appropriate direct purchase, ( Advantage is that at the scene to see the quality of the product) 。 ( 2) Online purchase, online procurement style diversification, but can't see the real goods, can only rely on the merchant's introduction, the consumers' evaluation measure, there may be false, of course, the network consumer evaluation also, so finally give priority to with merchants factory strength as evaluation factors. ( 3) Factory direct supply, actually also can say directly to the factory to buy ( Advantages: can see the production process, the quality of the products, the strength of the manufacturers, all can take) 。
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