Seating spraying time how is on the process?

by:OUHE     2020-05-26
On the hanging in the seating of the spraying craft common explanation: when hanging on the workpiece for stamping on the semi-finished products are combined, at the same time to conduct a check stamping semi-finished product appearance. In order to ensure the desired effect, should be focus on the workpiece inspection and operation key points: 1, check the stamping semi-finished products base material, such as deformation, breakage, burrs, layered, surface precision grade, surface oil, dirt, lack of material and cracking, etc; 2, the galvanized layer on the surface of the stamping quality, surface clean, do not allow the oxidation and color ( Such as whether there is a dark brown, etc. ) , mould, zinc flower shape ( Such as concave and convex) Abnormal phenomenon such as; 3, requirements artifacts suspension stability, strong, not easy to fall off; 4, the workpiece is as far as possible in the face of the gunman direction, the distance between the workpiece to ensure the workpiece does not collide with each other in the process of the whole line running.
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