Security problems of outdoor seating

by:OUHE     2020-07-04
In outdoor seating of choose and buy must pay attention to the three security problems: 1. Outdoor seating areas without acute Angle, prominent place, because the child may be in the chase in the district, the outdoor seating is likely to hit the road, so the seating inside the edges rounded more security; In addition, the gap between the article chair should at least more than 8 mm, in order to prevent the child curious card inside her finger; Other outdoor seating armrest is indispensable, old man's house physical difference, after seating has long armrest can help the old man stood up, to prevent falling. 2. Outdoor seating is comfortable, suitable for long time on it is not easy to fatigue, this requires that the chair need according to ergonomics principle to design and manufacture, when people sit down, because the relation of the pelvis and spine lost the original upright posture when his leg support relations, human body structure will not be able to keep the original balance and posture. Therefore, you need by relying on the appropriate sit plane and back rake face, to support and maintain the balance of the torso to human body, make human body skeleton, the muscle in people sitting down can obtain reasonable state of relaxation, this would require the outdoor seating in the back of a chair and sit face tilt Angle and to a certain extent, personally think - 110 115 degrees is quite reasonable, good outdoor seating, feels comfortable, how long is not tired. 3. Outdoor seating is best can do solid and durable, easy maintenance. Outdoor seating is the biggest test of the bad weather, the wind or sunshine, most cheap iron chairs on the market at present is more easy to rust, solid wood chair of the easy off paint, wood black rot, new seating 1 - 2 years have been broken, let a person feel cleaner is not clean, Cleaning uncle really wronged) , only to change. To avoid these problems actually very simple, iron seating, completes the galvanized anti-rust treatment before spraying outdoor paint ( The increased cost of extend the service life of half) , the chair can be replaced with galvanized metal or plastic wood, metal is more durable is slightly harder, more like plastic wood, because it has the simple sense of wood, don't have to worry about fade, rot and other issues, and the water flushed is bright and clean as new, very easy to do.
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