Show - auditorium seating engineering cases Linyi mall experimental school

by:OUHE     2020-06-15
For school students in listening to lectures, listen to the lecture hall has a better experience, more comfortable, it is very important to select good auditorium seating. Linyi mall experimental high school, since its formation, in the national famous principal Wang Qingqun as the core of school leadership team, led by a third long force, unite as one, all the teachers and students in & other; People-oriented, to enjoy education & throughout; Educational philosophy, and strive to implement three education teaching reform experiment, namely the students & other; Independent management & throughout; As the core & other; Students' education & throughout; Reform experiment; With teachers and other Throughout the full tutorial system &; As the center of educational reform experiment; To build the students & other; Cooperative learning group & throughout; As the carrier of & other; Learning community & throughout; The ecological classroom teaching model experiment. Below show the linyi mall experimental school auditorium seating case diagram:
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