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Six main points for enterprises to choose office sofa

Six main points for enterprises to choose office sofa


1. Consumers should try to choose well-known enterprises to produce brand office sofas.

Because well-known brands are generally recognized as long-term consumers, their quality is stable, the repair rate is low, the warranty period is long, and after-sales service is guaranteed.

2. Look at the quality of the frame

Meet ergonomic requirements. The structure of the office sofa should be strong. People should not be seated like a cradle, but should be stable.

An office sofa that is too hard or too soft is not suitable for ergonomics and cannot guarantee the normal posture of the body. Long-term use will cause harm to the body.

Open the angle of view under the cloth corner under the seat, if there is no damage, no insects, no scars, no bark or wood smooth and hardwood production.

3. See the quality of the inner liner

Today's high-end office sofa seats and the back of the bottom adopt nylon and serpentine spring cross-net structure, with high foam above the layered bed, spray glue and light foam.

This type of cushion is good and comfortable to sit on. Mid-range sofas and more pressure-resistant fiberboard are the seat and back floors.

The density of foam and cotton spray above the layered bed. This cushion sits very hard and is slightly elastic.

4.Look at leather, fabric, sewing

Buy leather office sofa and choose leather. Leather office sofas are divided into full-leather office sofas and half-leather office sofas. Each full-leather office sofa consumes nearly 10 heads of cowhide.

Although it has good ventilation and environmental protection performance, it is expensive. Europe, America, and other developed countries generally use full leather office sofas.

The half-leather office sofa replaces the leather with PU leather or artificial leather PVC at the bottom and some hidden parts.

However, the leather with higher value is still used in places where the body is in direct contact, thereby reducing the cost of the office sofa, which is relatively more affordable.

Office sofa leather is divided into yellow leather and buffalo leather, according to the number of layers is divided into the first layer of leather, two layers of leather and three layers of leather; according to the source is divided into domestic and imported leather.

Imported leather The first layer of yellow leather imported from Italy and Germany meets strict environmental protection requirements;

High color fastness, flexibility and good air permeability, high mechanical strength, especially tear strength and tensile strength.

High-quality leather office sofas must be used in the first layer of yellow leather.

Buy leather office sofa, the leather surface is shiny, no scars, fine texture lines, pinch up with your fingers;

It should feel flexible and strong, and wrinkles can be repaired or not obvious after sitting. Such a skin is a good skin.

Buy fabric office sofa should also pay attention to whether the office sofa seat, back cover is a loop structure, high-grade fabric office sofa is generally cotton lining, other parts of the dirt can be replaced.

The office sofa fabric should be relatively thick, with a weight of more than 300 grams/square meter, which is more durable, and it must be ensured that the surface friction of more than 12,000 times cannot afford the ball.

Office sofa fabrics can be divided into domestic and imported. The special fabrics of office sofas from European and American professional manufacturers are of very small color, high color fastness, and weft-free fabrics.

Especially for some high-grade fabrics, not only the anti-fouling ability is improved, but also the surface is specially treated.

Imported high-grade fabrics also have anti-static, flame retardant and other functions.

Buy fabric office sofas, choose the fabric latitude and longitude fine and smooth, no jumpers, no exposed seams, and the feel is blooming.

Sewing depends on whether the needle is straight or straight, grasp the seam with both hands to see if it is tight, and the edges of the teeth are rounded and full.

5. Look at the cloth

The wrapper depends on whether the fabric is tightly covered with the inner filler and whether it is flat and neat, especially the transition between the two armrests and the seat and the back should be natural and free of crumple.

If it is a round or semi-circular handrail, it depends on whether the arc is smooth and smooth, full and beautiful.

The fabric of the floral pattern or checkered pattern depends on whether the flower shape at the splice is consistent, whether the checkered pattern is horizontal or vertical, and there is no tilt or distortion.

Finally, sit down and give it a try, and feel whether the inclination of the seat and back or the curvature of the back seat fits the four parts of the waist, back, hips and leg bends closely;

Whether the height of the pillow and the back are appropriate, and whether the height of the armrest is consistent with the natural extension of the two arms;

Is it comfortable to sit and comfortable when standing up? After standing up, look again at the hips, backrests, and armrests to see if there are pleats that are noticeably slack and will not recover for a long time.

6. Look at the foam sponge

High-end office sofa cushions should use high-elastic foam sponges with a density of 30 kg/m3, and back cushions should use high-elastic foam sponges with a density of 25 kg/m3.

In order to improve the sitting comfort, some foams are still softened to ensure that the density is not reduced.

Some set up vertical springs on the cushions to make office sofas have higher elasticity and anti-aging properties.

Under normal circumstances, it is best for the office sofa cushion to be recessed by about 10 cm after the human body sits down.

Finally, regardless of the quality of the office sofa, we cannot ignore whether the office sofa and the decorative style are in harmony.

Buying an office sofa first needs to consider the overall style of office decoration. The style and color of office sofa must be decorated with main colors and harmonious colors.

At the same time, the size of the office sofa should be suitable for the office space. When choosing an office sofa, you should first understand the size of its office space, and then choose an office sofa of the appropriate size.

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