Sofa can be divided into leather sofa and fabric sofa due to different fabrics. According to different styles, it can be divided into Chinese sofa, office sofa and leisure sofa

Office sofa refers to the sofa suitable for office and meeting occasions. Office sofa can be divided into single sofa, double sofa and three sofa. There are also special specifications, which are customized for personal needs. Because the office sofa does not pay attention to the comfort of the seat, the appearance design is simple, not special shape. Its color is mainly black,but we can add some stainless steel metal strips on the handrail to make it more beautiful in some models.

The feature of our Chinese style sofa is the whole exposed imitation wood frame, and the sponge cushion on it can be replaced as needed. Our imitation wood frame is mainly made of iron, sprayed with wood grain paint,it is durable and beautiful.

We have many kinds of leisure sofa which is modern style and simple shape. In the busy life, leisure sofa brings people unlimited comfort and fashionable home enjoyment. Sitting on the sofa, let go of your thoughts, it is warm and cozy.

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