Stainless steel even seating and how much will it cost?

by:OUHE     2020-05-29
Many consumers want to know the price of stainless steel even getting closed to the public, but every industry has its own different. Even runs through a variety of styles, the requirements of the material is different, use the environment is also not the same. Transportation cost is different, each offer should be according to the actual needs of consumption. If you really want to know the unit price of product, you can choose in a treasure to look up, contrast. General even seating manufacturers will only on a few products on a treasure, don't want those snacks, clothes and other promotional products will net price clearly. General reference price: a person who: - 200 Two 355 yuan: 285 - 450 yuan, three bits, 300 - Four people: 500 yuan - 430 Specific price 720 yuan please contact factory consultation.
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