Stainless steel hospital seating?

by:OUHE     2020-05-30
Hospital is very high to the requirement of choice of seating, general hospital will have choose to compare the strength of seating manufacturer to make production. Seating made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, steel and iron materials, such as stainless steel is good? Runs through the core of the rail is main: in a standard three people a seating for example: 1: standard three seating 1740 * 330 * 1. 5 t ㎜ of high qualified steel plate, using large ruffled machine positioning flanging, after six process forming position at the bottom rung regulation after using a dedicated fixture and welding 7 pieces of 150 * 110 * 2. 0 t ㎜ reinforcing plate, through a special die on the rail location flush mounting holes, grinding and polishing processing surface coating processing. 2: plastic plug seal on both ends of the circular tube, beautiful and easy, convenient installation, the standard color is black.
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