Stainless steel infusion of the infusion rod is seating?

by:OUHE     2020-05-29
Stainless steel infusion seating infusion rod is common: solid bold, symmetric design is reasonable, the stainless steel rust, removable adjustment, removable, more convenient, infusion in mobile. Infusion rod common are: 1, the ordinary spray rod 2, adjustable stainless steel rod adjustable stainless steel rod: the minimum height of 1. 1 m, the highest can be up to 2 meters; Thickening iv stand: outside the tube 19 mm, inner pipe 16 mm; Inner pipe lifting height of 0. The height 4 m or so away from is 1. About 5 m. Common infusion rod advantages: 1, infusion derrick 16 mm diameter stainless steel material, can take the weight of more than 20 kg. 2, infusion bottle height adjustment easy, flexible, convenient, energy saving and comfortable; 3, the integration of cover design, convenient and clean, appearance is more beautiful; 4, special dust fall prevention device, sterile clean operating room, ICU preventing dust fall hanger; 5, diversification of hanger design, suitable for different style and the grade of ward; 6, hanger hook and hanging baskets of sharing, apply different infusion form; 7, hanger drop-down armrest accord with human body mechanics requirements; 8, derrick has a variety of materials, colors to choose from, to match the ward whole decorate a style
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