Stainless steel seating more comfortable?

by:OUHE     2020-05-30
Each seating has its own design style, which contains: tilt Angle, the width, length and thickness of the plate, standing foot height, width, the length of the armrest, bending, etc will affect a seating comfort. Judged according to the public perception of the system, add the seating comfort than adding leather cushion, PU with leather cushion than ordinary seating comfort. Everyone's perception is different, of course, may be A user to sit A seating feel very comfortable, B users take A seating feel very bad. So. We will according to the data to design our seating, data to month. 1, the consumers feel the results. 2, design is often appear on the market. 3, factory sales accounted for much of its design. Several factors such as design. At present is to make the most comfortable seating.
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