Steel waiting chair with the steel quality is what place?

by:OUHE     2020-06-05
Useful steel qualitative steel waiting chair places: 1, armrest and chair legs: common steel waiting chair armrest and chair feet is made of raw material for cold rolled steel sheet, a dedicated hardware mold by large hydraulic press cold pressing molding, special welding mold with welding robot welding forming, imported from Japan by grinding and fine surface polishing, electroplating processing, a total of 10. 2, beams: common consist of hot rolled steel tube, end face is commonly triangle triangle of tubing. Science and technology developed, however, producers are new, the designers also constantly study on detail, in order to design different waiting chair, increased to four tubes, hexagonal tubes, cylindrical pipe and so on. 3, seat back: common is the standard width of 520 mm ( The allowed tolerance & plusmn; 3毫米) , the thickness of the seat back real thickness of 2. 0 mm cold rolled steel sheet. Note, this is just a generic data oh, details still need to ask you to find a manufacturer that oh ~ different thickness, hardness, and comfort is also not the same oh ~ above all steel waiting chair may be used to steel quality, specific usage also need according to the different type products, please contact the relevant manufacturers know best.
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