Stepwise classroom seating installation of four common specifications

by:OUHE     2020-06-01
Stepwise classroom seating installation of four common specification: first, the customer first to measure the size of the amphitheatre. The second step, according to the customer the amphitheatre size measured to calculate the location of the desks and chairs. Can calculate the amphitheatre how much you need to install a location, and designed a preliminary installation drawings. The third step, need according to the height of the ladder of amphitheatre to budget, if need to do step, you will need to based on the in-situ surface increased to 15 cm, and so on. The fourth step, need according to the requirement of the ladder classroom desks and chairs specifications to design before and after the interval distance ladder classroom desks and chairs. A general setting of 90 cm. Ladder classroom desks and chairs the specification, shall be conducted according to the national spirit to the requirement of amphitheatre layout and construction, and after all this is closely related to the healthy growth of the students, careless may not be the slightest.
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