Students chairs are one of the indispensable furniture in every school. With the progress of science and technology and the development of culture, ordinary single and double student chairs can no longer meet the needs of the school's teaching quality. Therefore, even row student chairs begin to enter our life widely.

Student chairs are the auxiliary equipment of a kind of teaching appliance which is often used by students in the process of receiving knowledge education.Even row student chairs are widely used in universities. In addition, they will also be widely used in multimedia classrooms in junior or senior high schools.

In terms of material, different styles of student chairs are composed of different materials, mostly made of metal, plastic, plastic and wood plate. These three materials are generally used in the production of table board, chair seat plate and back plate, while stand foot and handrail are mostly made of steel plate. Due to the large space occupied by the even row student chairs and the frequent use of them, they are generally not padded.

Because of the large space occupied by the continuous row student chair, it can not be moved at will, so the material properties of the product will have some same features, such as corrosion resistance, dirt resistance, wear resistance, strong compression resistance, etc., so as to ensure the quality and service life of the continuous row student chair. Moreover, the continuous row of student chairs must be firmly connected and able to bear a large load, so as to avoid the collision of students in the process of walking, resulting in some unnecessary casualties.

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