Student desks seating panel specification selection method

by:OUHE     2020-07-07
Students desks selection of seating is related to the campus and the vital interests of the students the important of a study using things, for students, a comfortable desk can greatly reduce the students' learning fatigue, thus to promote the learning of common sense. And on campus, choose a comfortable and durable desk seating is not only conducive to supply a comfortable learning environment, the promotion of the competitiveness of the campus will also be able to extend its use, which will save this part of the expenditure, turn into the other programs. About how to choose the desks seating has the following points: 1, choose standard quality, meet the requirements of the national product, it is very important, if it is not standard of student desks seating, on children's growth. 2, should choose to have functional students desks seating, to help students to learn at the same time should have myopia prevention, prevent humpback, correct posture function. 3, if choose pure children desk seating, don't choose too looks too fancy, on the one hand, it is very easy to outdated, on the other hand is easy to disperse the child's attention, had better choose simple, easy. 4, attention to the quality of the students desks seating factory accessories, poor quality is easy to hurt a child, so want to choose a regular student desks seating manufacturer's products. Table seating maintenance: 1, the students should put the desks and chairs in the air circulation and dry place, and a bookcase or damp walls should not be near the fire, in order to avoid sun exposure and desk and chair. 2, students solid wooden table seating dust, MAO shan, try not to be washed with water, damp soft cloth graze, do not use alkaline solution, washing powder, soap water scrubbing, lest affect the paint brightness or cause paint falls off. 3, students in the mobile seating should be removed from the ground, do not force hard, lest the legs are damaged or damaged. 4, acid, alkali corrosion is not put on the desktop, class stage desk how to maintain at ordinary times, don't let go of water, aluminum pot, hot iron, etc. , paperless recorder. 5, the use of seating, 4 legs uniform stress should be paid attention to. 6, don't lettering on desks seating.
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