Surface coating process of aluminum alloy parts

by:OUHE     2020-06-02
Aluminum alloy airport chairs, aluminum alloy parts surface coating processing method - waiting chair Chemical plating processing chemical plating is a new type of metal surface sets up the technology, the technology for its process is simple, energy conservation and environmental protection is becoming more and more attention, the electroless plating using range is very wide, uniform coating, adornment sex is good, in the protective performance, can improve the corrosion resistance and service life of products, in terms of functional, can improve the wear-resisting electrical conductivity of products processing parts, lubrication performance and other special features, thus become a new development of surface treatment technology in the world. Aluminium alloy is very strong, active easy oxidation film formation, prevent the formation of the metallic bond, so the plating on the surface or electroless plating is more difficult. Generally in the aluminum alloy surface first nickel plating, and then on the basis of other metal plating. Chemical nickel plating process is the most widely used in chemical plating of NI - P, is divided into two methods: leaching zinc & ndash; — Plating method, direct law nickel plating method. Leaching zinc & ndash; — Main drawback is that in the process of the coating on the wet corrosion environment, zinc anode when compared with nickel coating, corrosion will be horizontal, eventually led to the nickel layer peeling off. In addition, the transition of the low melting point of zinc layer, limits its application scope, and between leaching zinc and zinc nitrate refund procedures, production environment, and leaching zinc layer also cause pollution to the chemical nickel plating solution. Chemical plating processing of aluminum alloy parts coating processing can be applied to various aluminum alloy industry.
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