Surface protection methods for corrosion of aluminum alloy airport chair

by:OUHE     2020-06-03
Aluminum zinc phosphide method: airport chair can also processing steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, zinc, zinc alloy phosphating liquid wes - 01, the phosphating solution has two prominent features: 1. Can be used to spray line; 2. Phosphating temperature of low temperature or room temperature, average 30 to 40 degrees. The traditional aluminum and aluminum zinc series phosphating, due to the setting out of the light, so generally by soaking process, and processing temperature not less than 50 degrees, otherwise can't get good phosphating film. And WES - 01 then broke through a defect, promoted the aluminum zinc series phosphating technology progress, the total acidity of the working liquid for 20 ~ 25 points, free acidity is 0. 6 - 1. 2-4, promoting agent 3 points, the temperature of 30 - Time is 60-40 degrees, spray Under the condition of the 90 s, the phosphating film of pure aluminum slightly dark or light gray, aluminum alloy due to the different material and the pale gray, gray, dark grey. Film contact neutral salt spray test for 268 h, humid heat test than 50 h. The processing of the workpiece can be thin aluminum plate, also can be a complicated shape of aluminum alloy parts, the phosphating liquid not only can be used on the spray line, but also can be used on the soaking line, also can be in steel, aluminum, zinc processing or conventional treatment alone.
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