According to different shapes, our tea table is divided into long tea table and square tea table; according to different places of use, our tea table is divided into office tea table and Kung Fu tea table.The main materials of our coffee table are iron, stainless steel and toughened glass, which are very resistant to water, oil, stains and bacteria, and easy to clean.Our tea table is heat and cold resistant, impact resistant, durable and deformation free.

Although the tea table is a small supporting role in the space, it can often create a colorful and lively expression in the space at home.The tea table with the combination of metal and glass materials gives people a sense of brightness and plays a visual effect of increasing space.In terms of material quality, the glass tea table has a clear and fresh transparent texture, which is full of three-dimensional effect through the light and shadow, and can make the space bigger and more vibrant.Therefore, the glass tea table is full of vitality. The modern glass tea table can adapt to the fresh and natural space

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