Teaching runs through the correct cleaning and maintenance methods

by:OUHE     2020-06-29
Teaching runs through the correct cleaning and maintenance methods: whether enterprise seating or student seating, usually because of human error and lead to dirty surface, leaving traces of not good-looking. Such as tea cups, tea in the quilt accidentally fell on the clipboard,, if not handled in time clean and dry after in the seating surface staining, if pour the juice or with color liquid substances, dyeing, and may also attract ants. 1. Seating is to belong to what the material of the seating according to the material to distinguish include: cloth seating seating, mesh cloth, plastic seating wooden seating leather seating, etc. 2. Plastic seating, with the dishcloth wet water first, and then gently wipe again in dirty place, reoccupy is cleaning fluid on the surface, use cloth wipe a nod strength slightly, and then with water and cloth will clear plastic part cleaning fluid. Clean up after cleaning fluid, can use dry cloth wipe off the residual water, can also open the window and let some air flow, so that the water dry up faster. 3. Cloth, sofa seating of the material, we can use the suction machine will seating surface dust regularly to clean, check after adsorption after getting any where there is any breakage, so will be repaired as soon as possible, so as not to cause the damage of seating directly. 4. Seating is wood, we should use clean liquid, water and rag wipe thoroughly for seating, reoccupy clear water to flush it all as soon as possible after cleaning fluid rushs where winds let natural wind to dry it, for the quality of the coated wooden seating paint should be check regularly, if help it on the color fade, so that we can make the wood cut off from the air inside, avoid any component in the air to erosion of internal wood, prolong the life of seating.
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