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Tell your furniture factory is how to deal with and cracking of wood processing

by:OUHE     2021-02-03
Large furniture manufacturers have their own production line, in order to better master the technology and quality of furniture, will purchase of raw materials production. So if the production of solid wood furniture, you need to put back the original timber transport.
all know, wood if stored or handled improperly, it is very easy to crack deformation, manufacturers have to transport back a pile of wood, there is no a cracking phenomenon? This is not possible, exactly how manufacturers have cracking of wood processing?

1, high stability, processing wood inside crack because wood inner produce fiber fracture caused by tension. And high stability treatment is in dry homework before the end of the high temperature and high humidity of wood processing, through the expansion and drying shrinkage of wood surface wet offset on both sides of the inner tension, thereby eliminating internal cracking of wood. Mechanical types. the

2, mechanical crack refers to the wood with wire bundles on the end, by external forces, such as tearing ring mechanical way mandatory let wood not occur expansion and contraction, prevent craze of wood.
3, waterproofing agent processing
waterproof agent is a kind of chemical additive, is new type of waterproof material. Using the waterproofing agent to the antiseptic timber, to have the anti-cracking effect of for a long time. Sawing process under
different wood has its own characteristics, under the same conditions, the phenomenon will happen would be different. Therefore, furniture manufacturers in the production, according to situation of timber use technology, avoid wood craze.
above is part of the manufacturer will use some of the cracking phenomena of wood processing method. The original wood craze is very difficult to avoid, therefore, formal professional furniture manufacturers will continue to explore a more effective treatment methods, in order to better cope with the different mutation phenomenon.
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