The advantage of aluminum alloy airport chair galvanized method

by:OUHE     2020-06-03
The advantage of aluminum alloy airport chair galvanized method: under normal circumstances, the alkaline zinc immersion method is more ideal, time is short, less equipment, low cost, technology and composition is simple, not too strict with control, coating and aluminum substrate is good, suitable for aluminium and aluminium alloy machining, stamping and die casting, thus, zinc immersion method applicable scope is more extensive than other methods. Currently, multiple alloying zinc leaching solution has become the development direction, it is based on simple dipped zincate solution, customer service octylic acid salinization study zinc leaching process of complex parts and blind hole plating are binding force, easy to blister, of the zinc alloy layer crystallization meticulous, light density, and the subsequent coating binding force between the good, and can eliminate toxic oxide copper plating process, can be directly on the alloy deposit bright nickel, lead, tin alloy plating, bright silver plating, such as solution concentration is low, easy to clean. When octylic acid salt solution containing heavy metals, changed the zinc layer crystal structure, have been relatively thin zinc alloy layer. And density, the electrode potential is more appropriate than zinc leaching membrane, linear expansion coefficient is lower than that of the zinc and zinc alloy layer close to the aluminum alloy matrix, which helps to improve the bonding force between metal and metal, at the same time improve the corrosion resistance of plating.
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