The advantages of steel seating

by:OUHE     2020-05-20
Steel seating can also be called seating - stainless steel Selection of high quality cold rolled steel. Advantages: each product consists of plate, bar, hold hands of three, with screws and small wrench, installation is simple, anyone can begin assembly itself. Advantage 2: overall modelling is contracted, glossiness is good. Plate color variety, able to bear or endure look and easy to clean. Chair face three advantages: a large stamping machines, surface smooth, level off without barb. Four advantages: after electrostatic spraying of edge polishing processing, guarantees the beautiful outside, able to bear enough weight, not out of shape. Advantage five: chair is fitting, located in the lower plate. Six advantages: hold hands selected cold rolling polishing cleaning after plating, glossiness is good, solid and durable. Note: during installation, use first screw will chair and beams, and gently but don't twist, after all to book a seat, will screw fixed them one by one.
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