The advantages of various accessories airport chair

by:OUHE     2020-06-25
The airport chair the advantages of various parts: 1. Armrest: precise armrest, radian graceful, both in quality and comfort chair is better than others. Surface polishing grinding after four times, without any agnail, use up more secure, more at ease. 2. Plate, plate thickness, plate strong, sturdy and durable principles accord with human body, the perfect curve of joint human body to feel more comfortable, soft strip play incisively and vividly, and the permeability is good. 3. Article: texture edge article, select advanced integrated automatic package edge devices, make the plate stronger, not easy to deformation, thus strengthening the 4. Chair holder: use the high strength and high quality cold-rolled steel casting moulding after large airport, with super capacity, perfect match with the radian of chair, chair and plate with four antiskid screws together, make the plate firmly, 'durable. 4. Beam: high intensity beam through professional mechanical test, 2. 0 mm thickness with square metre are weighing more than 6000 kilograms, if upset link a use 2 screws and chair close links, the plate don't shake. 5. Horse: one foot can absorb about 600 kg static pressure, at the same time use the triangle stability, support it goes without saying that people above is very smooth. 6. Floor mat: prototype is equipped with adjustable chair foot pads, can be adjusted in accordance with the ground roughness height, keep the chair surface level, the foot is made of high quality gel MATS, thus protecting the ground is not injured, also can avoid the use of sliding, noise.
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