The airport chair 6 people even row of the production process

by:OUHE     2020-05-24
Airport chair 6 people a row seat two installation design method: first installation method: a straight row 6. This method is in the middle of the beam to add one more stand feet, relieve beams under pressure. Common size: 6 people a straight row one: 680 mm * 770 mm * 650 mm: two 680 mm * 770 mm * 1230 mm 3 people: 680 mm * 770 mm * 1800 mm four people: 680 mm * 770 mm * 2360 mm five people: 680 mm * 770 mm * 2930 mm the second installation method: 2 a row back of a chair close to three people. Also known as 6 people sit even seating. Three common people a row chair is install the seat directly in stand feet above the middle beam, beam as the center of gravity. And this 6 people sit even seating is standing on his feet on the two end with a triangular beams with rectangular shape support bar, and then put the seat are installed in a triangular beam above. Disadvantages: after installation is not convenient to move, is not convenient to clean back, too heavy can't literally change the placement.
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