The airport chair aluminum alloy electroplating process characteristics

by:OUHE     2020-06-19
Common electroplating process of aluminum alloy waiting chair features: main features: 1. Aluminum surface has a layer of oxide film, under general conditions with chemical or mechanical method to remove, and will immediately generate a new layer of oxide film, the membrane significantly affect the combination of cross layer and base metal. 2. The expansion coefficient of aluminium and coating metal difference is bigger, such as within 0 ~ 100 degrees, for the expansion coefficient ( * 10 ˉ / 5 degrees) ; Aluminum 2. 34, zinc 3. 00, copper 1. 7, nickel 1. 30, 1 of silver. 1, 91 gold. 43, chromium 0. 6. When the environment temperature changes, in electroplating solution easy substitution reaction with other ions, produce contact plating, significantly affect the adhesion strength of the coating and the substrate metal electric. In addition potential value of aluminum is negative, when pore on the compound plating coating in corrosion medium can form micro battery, usually aluminum as anode, coating as the cathode, and cause corrosion.
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